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Maxillo Facial Skeletal Treatment

Dr. Vardy participates in a Multli-disciplinary Team Treatment approach to address Pre and Post Surgical Orthodontic issues.

The following adult patients were treated by Dr. Vardy.  An adult patient with a skeletal discrepancy, in combination with a dental bad bite, may require a combination of orthodontics (to move the teeth) & surgery (to move the jaws). When the lower jaw is too far forward of the upper jaw, resulting in a dental under bite or reverse bite, in a non- growing adult patient, Dr. Vardy works together with a maxilla-Facial surgeon to achieve her results. 

Dental/Skeletal Class III mal-relationship corrected by Dr. Vardy combined with surgery

Jaw surgery Jaw surgery

Sometimes these same patients, when seen pre-pubertal, their jaws can be redirected to eliminate the need for surgery (ie. a narrow or retruded/underdeveloped upper jaw can be widened with an expander before the upper jaw fuses at puberty). However, as an adult this same problem would require the assistance of a maxilla-facial surgeon, to assist with the expansion. Dr. Vardy not only treats the adults, but many times the children of these surgical/orthodontic cases inherit this bad growth pattern, and bring them in early (American Association of Orthodontics recommends that every child be seen at the approximate age of 7 for an initial consultation with an orthodontist), in an effort to eliminate the need for surgical correction, when seen pre-pubertal.

Example of just one of Dr. Vardy's many Early/Interceptive treatment cases, to prevent the need for surgery.

Jaw surgery Jaw surgery

Other examples of adult patients who may benefit from a multi disciplinary approach using surgery, include but are not limited to, a lower jaw that might need to move forward or backwards, depending on the relationship with the upper jaw (too small lower jaw moved forward to correct bite & profile, or too big lower jaw, would be moved back to correct bite & profile).

Jaw surgery Jaw surgery

 Sometimes a combination of upper & lower jaw surgery with orthodontics is necessary. These decisions are based on the dental bad bite, skeletal mal-relationship & soft tissue profile changes desired. A lateral cephalometric & panoramic radiograph in combination with extra-oral/ intra-oral photos & study Models are part of the diagnostics records that Dr. Vardy takes to determine whether a  surgical consultation is necessary. If the above bad bites speak to you, please call 212-579-6881 to schedule a consultation with records to diagnose and treat your problem.

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Orthodontist, Dr. Iris Vardy      130 West 78th Street — Museum Block — New York, NY 10024 — (212) 579-6881
                                                         1630 Stewart Lane — Laurel Hollow — Syosset, NY 11791 — (516) 730-6170

Thank you to the patients of Vardy Orthodontics for their permission to show their many happy smiles displayed throughout our website.

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